Our Story

We’ve long wondered why, at major sports and entertainment venues across the country, there seemed to always be corporate suites with just a handful of guests or completely dark.

Conversations with employees of the companies and firms that leased the suites yielded the same response: they didn’t know exactly how tickets to the suites were distributed, but it seemed to be a complicated and arduous process. When we asked the people who actually handled the ticket requests, their response was unanimous, too: it WAS a complicated and arduous process that was frequently a time-consuming add-on to their primary responsibilities. There was very little process automation or support, so tracking and analyzing the actual usage of the suites and the return on their companies’ business entertainment investment was almost impossible.

That was how the concept and mission for SweetSeat LLC were conceived.

In 2017, we formed an event management company to help the owners of corporate suites and premium tickets:

  • Maximize the value of their investment to achieve business development goals;
  • Simplify and automate ticket requests, allocation and distribution;
  • Track and analyze suite/seat usage;
  • Market remnant seats to SweetSeat Elite, our exclusive buyers list; and
  • Document use for tax reporting.

OUR Promise to you

In a nutshell, it’s to help you achieve a higher return on your business entertainment investment – with a lot less effort! In doing so, we’re committed to providing:

  • Professional ticket management systems and services;
  • Top quality customer service for flawless game day experiences;
  • Detailed accounting of ticket use for informed ROI; and
  • Accurate documentation for all interactions.