What is the bottom-line value of a suite investment?

For most business development expenditures, this is an easy question. But when it comes to leasing a suite at a professional sports venue, most companies have very little idea – and no quantitative evidence — of the costs vs. benefits.

At SweetSeat, we empower companies to make the best investment decisions possible when considering or reviewing a suite lease by providing data, analysis and recommendations related to:

  • Comparative lease rates;
  • Terms of the lease;
  • Additional fees and commitments;
  • Utilization policies and rates;
  • Internal ticket distribution procedures;
  • Management and approval processes;
  • Cost of third-party software subscriptions;
  • Monetization of unused tickets;
  • GAAP and tax compliance; and more.

Looking to entertain prospects? Thank clients? Reward employees?

Whatever your objectives, SweetSeat provides confidential consulting services for companies exploring or evaluating investments in sports suites.

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